Into the Cloud

No I'm not turning this into a tech blog. On my ride today I litterally went into a cloud. The weather continued it's unreliable nature, on what was supposed to be a rainy day it turned out to decent at least for the morning, so I headed out for a quick climb on Serria road. It was actually fairly warm out, but the sky was turning. The climb up Sierra road was good. At the was the Cloud, just waiting there for me. As I started my decent towards Calaveras the rain came. As my speed was aproaching thirty mile per hour, road conditions were rapidly changing becoming slippery. I slow my pace to maintain control and to prevent becoming another puddle on the road. However just mile along the road the changed again returning to mild conditons I started with. Back at the car I was slightly chilled and soaked to the bone, but good ride none the less.

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