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My training over the past couple months had been greatly lacking. Today the weather was on my side, even if time was not. I got a late start to the day, but I was going to let that stop me getting in the distance. I drove over the hill to Santa Cruz, for my own Century ride up Highway One. The route is as simple as gets 50 miles up and 50 down with the turn around point at Halfmoon Bay. In afternoon the problem is always the wind and today was no exception. I battle the wind for the first thirty miles, but I kept a steady pace going. When I hit my turn around point it was already 4:30pm, I knew the sunlight was not going to last th return journey.

The chase for daylight began and was ready, prepared with lights. I certainly wouldn't recomend this ride at night, but I knew the road well. At mile 75 the the moon was now lighting the way. Headlights behind me helped while those in front were an obstacle to over come. With the Moon straight ahead through the clouds like movie, however didn't seem like movie I wanted to be in, so I forged a head. Finally the lights of Santa Cruz were in front me, which meant so was dinner :-) ah, pizza.

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