The Climb... Mount Diablo

Today I tried my new gadget, a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger unit. The Spot is a GPS tracking device that transmits you location, anywhere you are. I had used one once before on The 508 so that and friends and family could track me from afar. The original model I used was a little bulky, but last year they launched a more compact model perfect for the back pockect of cycle jersey.

I enabled the Spot tracking widget on this site and set off for my ride. As I have a another double coming up in at the end of the month I want to refamiliarize my self with the first climb of the ride, Mount Diablo. The last time I did this climb was on the Devil Mountain Double back in 2008. It really hasn't changed a whole alot in the last couple of years, still the same height and still as steep :-)

The one thing that was different was the weather, a dark cloud covered the peak. Nothing says a have great climb better than the wind pushing against you as you climb up. The climb as a even grade to it for the most part, except for the last few hundred yards. It is extremely rare that I've ever got my heart rate above 200bpm, but a couple years ago, this was the climb for it. Today, I can't say what it was, as I was preoccupied with my new gadget I forgot my beloved heart monitor. There are some things you just need the feel for and I sure felt in that last hundred yards, as I was getting out of breath. At the top of the an awesome climb, there is only one thing to do, take picture to prove your there :-)

The decent was a whole other story, which starts with me being cold at the top and nearing freezing half way down the mountain.


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