The Morning Challenge

The morning challenge is simple wake up and cycle before work. I've done a number of morning workouts in past but driving in morning traffic and being stuck for up to an hour is self defeating. I live surrounded by freeways, this doesn't always make for a good or safe ride come rush hour traffic.

Day One:

I drove to one of my usual starting points and got on the road as quickily as I could. My chosen route would of given me 50 miles and around 4600 feet of climbing up Mount Hamilton. This being my first attempt, my timing was off, by the time I was just over half way up I realized I was not going to get to the top and back in a reasonable time so I turned around. Still this gave me a good 42 mile ride, but unfortunately I still hit a lot of traffic on the way to work.


Day Two:

Earlier, much earlier, also I change my starting position to be closer to work while maintaining a 50 mile distance. On the road just over an hour earlier I was able to reach the top of mountain with enough time to get back. I kept up a good pace and race back to my car, only to be stuck in traffic once I reached it.


Day Three:

Refinement and simplification, ditch the car and the cycle through traffic. I started even earlier and by hitting the traffic lights just right I was able to make good time, reaching the summit of Mountain Hamilton a few minutes earlier. Very cold morning the descent was freezing, but a great 58 mile ride, without the frustration of being in stuck in traffic afterwards. Of course crossing over a couple freeways does make you a little paranoid, but it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you, right? :-)


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