Cycling the up a Waterfall

This morning I was starting from Aptos, I had a fairly ambitious ride planned up to San Francisco, returning to Santa Clara in a 170 mile route. However the weather had other ideas. As I was preparing for the ride, it started  to hail, it stopped after a few minutes and I set off on my journey in the rain. I was wearing a new Goretex cycling jacket and expecting it to shield me from the conditions, and it did very well. Unfortunately there was the rest of my body which was not covered, my hands and feet were quickly drenched with cold rain and more hail. I changed my route and decided to head directly back, by going up San Jose Soquel Rd to Summit Rd. By the time I'd reached Summit Rd, I couldn't feel my feet or fingers. When swimming in wetsuit there are ways to warm-up, utilized this same method, it helped but only a little. I really should of considered wearing a wetsuit for the ride, it really was a perfect day for it. The water was streaming down the road at alarming rate, it felt more like a waterfall than a road. By the time I reached Skyline and Black Rd, I knew a descent down Highway 9 would be dangerous in these conditions, so I took the Black Rd decent, forgetting it was a dead end on to Highway 17, which is not for bicycles. I was still freezing and looking to finish as quickly as possible and finish in Los Gatos. I will not be publishing or recommending the route I took to finish. :-) My ride was now a 33 mile ride and a tough one at that.

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