Early Morning Century...

How early is early? I woke up at 1:30am after 3 hours of sleep to start my ride. My route was a loop up and over Mount Hamilton, totaling 115 miles. Why this early? Well I have to get the rides in some how and I'd never tried a Century before going to work in morning. The roads were quiet and I was on mission. I didn't feel too tired and the world was peaceful. I was using a new bright headlight to keep the road ahead visible. Forty five miles in, I got some pain in my knee, at this point I was just starting the climb over Hamilton from Livermore. I realized I could either turn back and go back the way I came or continue forward. It was going to hurt either way so I decided the climb would better. The climb was long but rewarding, I earned that descent back home :-) The rest of the day, was long but I made it through it.

View from the Top of Hamilton

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