Petaluma to Mount Tamalpais

Today I was up in Petaluma, to meet a prospective new member of my crew and after a chat over coffee, I had found myself a bike mechanic. My ride for the day was going to be a simple out and back to the coast.  It was 16 miles to coast, over nice rolling hills. Although the weather had been great when I had started, the further out I was the more dubious it looked. Along the coast you pass through a bunch of small towns, with populations less an 100 people. One such town was called, I kid you not, "Dogtown", yes really. Unfortunately I can't find this on a map but next time I go through it I'm going to take a picture of the sign.  The area itself actually bears a striking resemblance to Scotland (especially with a over cast sky), you have a small fishing villages and a sign to Inverness. There is indeed a Inverness very nearby. 

I continued down Highway One past Stinson Beach and continued up the Panoramic Hwy, towards Mount Tamalpasis. I turned round at the Ranger Station, which was the 50 mile mark, it was tempting to go all the way to the top, but as I had a late start to the day it was going to need to wait. The way back was uneventful until I was a few miles away from Petaluma and the threatening sky, came good on the promise of rain. Luckily I was back to car before the worst of it.




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