Davis Double

Another a day another Double. This week was the Davis Double this is the 42nd year this ride has been run making it one of the oldest (if not thee oldest) double centuries, in California.  I decided not to stay in a hotel and instead just drive up the morning of the race, unfortunately that meant waking up at 2:45am, to arrive by 5am for the race start. Despite my lack of sleep I was feeling pretty good, ride start off flat and there was no wind to speak off. Average around 20mph I rode along the long straight roads, through a maze of farms on the outskirts of Davis. The ride has a limit of 1,000 people, through it wasn't full there were probably around 800 people out riding. I had started on the late side of the starting window, leaving most people ahead of me on the course. The flat area at the beginning is ideal for drafting and there was a number groups doing just that. While I don't mind giving a pull, I don't actually like to draft myself, it defeats the purpose of the workout. So when it comes to pace groups I either lead or avoid.

Around 45 miles in the route starts to climb up towards the bottom of Lake Berryessa, the climbing the stabilized at around 1100 feet. The major climb of the day came at mile 95, with a fairly steep ascent to the 3,100 feet summit at mile 103. Most of the work was done then, lunch mile 117 and one more climb at mile 130. From mile 140 it was all downhill for the last 60 miles. The course was scenic and mostly free of traffic, the support was great plenty of rest stops and more SAG vehicles than I'd ever seen roaming the course.

While the end was flat the wind was there in full force to make the ending that extra bit special :-) My overall time was 12hrs and 32minutes. Not too shabby, the total climb came in at just over 8,000ft.


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