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The Sufferfest

While not spending much time out on the roads, in this week, I had to turn to spinning indoors. I can't remember now how I happened across this site but I glad I did. The site has a number of videos designed for spinning. I purchased "The Downward Spiral", which is a one hour long set of intervals. Action packed race footage and great sound track, it turned out to be a really heart pumping workout. The graph below will give you an example of the intervals:

Full disclosure, I was ready throw-up after 30mins (the mark of great workout) so I stopped there. Next the full hour. :-)

Spinning out of Control Pt. 2

The forces that conspired meant I was the Captain running the spin, with no one else to stop me :-) I rewrote the last workout I done a few weeks back to make things more, well, at least I think more reasonable. First change was obviously to remove the two and half minute single leg drills, instead a create a set starting with 30 seconds per leg and ending with 90 seconds. That seemed to go over ok, with the team of course next up was the super long build, aka the main set. I was a little more precise on the timings and careful not to let things slip making the workout longer. On the final high cadence drill, switched up the requirement from a high gear to a low gear as we peaked at 120 rpm. Of course there was a good hill that end with a fast spin to loosen the legs for the run, oh yeah there was then a 30 minute run following the 60 minute spin. After a good paced run we returned for a core workout, which I'll be honest I made up as I went along :-) Hmm, I wonder if they noticed?

Spinning out of control...

Tonight I lead the weekly team Spin at Sport Basement, what made this stand is I actually wrote the workout myself, through the use of an Excel spreadsheet I had calculated the right amount of pain, wait I mean exertion level through-out the workout, at least so I thought.

It was a tough crowd and who could of imagined that starting with two and half minute one legged drills would not be popular? What followed was a very long build to 120 cadence with intervals, I accidentally rounded down of the intervals. To make up for it I increase the next one, another surprisingly unpopular decision. However no one complained when I increased one of the recovery periods. By the end of the main build set my average heart was 171bpm and I was feeling just slightly nauseous.

After a nice recovery period was a eight minute climb with increasing intensity culminating in a three minute standing climb in the hardest gear. A final three minute recovery lead to final four minutes of fun and by fun I mean a 90rpm sprint to the finish with the final minute at maximum effort! That's fun right? Come on of course it is :-)

Followed by a twenty minute run, the end result was a very intense workout.

To anyone didn't enjoy the workout, I would just like to blame a miscalculation on the spreadsheet :-)

The Stats:
168bpm Avg Heart Rate
190bpm Max Heart Rate




153bpm Avg Heart Rate
186bpm Max Heart Rate

The possessed trainer...

It was another Spin at Sport's Basement, I'd given out my regular trainer, which left me with my Computrainer. I had used it a number of times before with the a computer attached but never it's standalone mode, of course it would been a good idea to read the instructions before hand, but it has six buttons how hard can be? Well I got it going pretty easily, however after a few minutes it was clear I had know idea what I'd set it to. Every time I changed down the gear the resistance on the trainer increased, it wasn't until the end I realized I had it set to track to watts, so the best part of 45 minutes I was spinning at around 275 watts. I need to go read that manual now.

Iron University - Cycling

Today in Ironteam land it was all about bike! Knowing your bike and becoming at one with it, coaches included complex terms such as "units of cadence" also know as "RPM".

Other highlights included:

How to maintain your bike. (Never use it in a swimming pool)

Changing tires which inevitably results in me freezing my fingers off with C02 cartridges.

Exciting maneuvers in the car park

Cycling as slow as possible without falling off

A stationary spin

Finally ending with a little bit of hill climbing.


Perhaps, most importantly how to pose for a team photo.

Tour de France, Stage 9

While I am certainly not competing or even have the time to watch it, I did have a Tour de France themed spin class early this morning. The class recreated the two major hills in the stage along with the chance to visual a chase by a peloton of riders. I did two 45 minute sets with 15 minutes core in between. It was a great workout, and winning my virtual race set me setup for the rest of the day. As you can see by the numbers below this was a go "all out" workout.

Spin Details:

Set 1
174bpm Average Heart Rate
202bpm Max Heart Rate

Set 2
181bpm Average Heart Rate
200bpm Max Heart Rate

Another Spin and Run @ SB.

It was Tuesday again, which of course meant another spin and run at Sports Basement, a 60 minute spin followed by a 25 min run. I felt good on the run for change and kept a good pace.

Technological failure no stats.

166bpm Average Heart Rate
182bpm Max Heart Rate

16mph while standing still...

Another weekly spin at Sports Basement, the weather was good we setup outside for 1 hour recovery Spin.

For those question the accuracy of the Garmin, I will say it is very good accept when your not moving. During the stationary spin I hit a maximum speed of 2.7mph, while maintaining a healthy 16mph average? :-)

160 Max Heart Rate
125 Avg. Heart Rate

Time to Spin

It seems far too long since I've been to Ironteam Spin, due a busy schedule of late, but when I saw 90 minute spin on the calendar, I thought wow I've never done a constant 90minute spin before, sounds like a good challenge. I was still a little fatigued from Sunday's ride but the virtual 90 minute Ironman Canada course was a lot of fun. However I must say I don't recall every sweating so much through a workout as I did tonight.

Spin Details:
30 miles of spin
75rpm Average Cadence
193bpm Max heart rate
155bpm Average heart rate

Boot Camp Day 1 - "All roads lead to Rome"

Today was first day of our Ironteam Bootcamp Weekend, packed with Swimming, Cycling and Running. The long day ahead started at Burgess Pool in Menlo Park, at 9am. We started off the morning with a 1hour swim, doing 1000 yard repeats broken up into different sets. Towards the end of the swim the rain started, my shoes sitting by the pool ready for me to start the run after of course it didn't take long for these to become very soggy shoes, luckily I had a spare pair in car.

Then for a run in the rain, which took us out from Burgess Pool to Standford Campus for some loops. I took the run easy and chatted with a member of the North Bay Iron Team, as they were join us for our Boot Camp weekend. By about 1.5 into the run my IT band flared up and running became hobbling once again, so I walked back to back to start and got ready for the cycle.

The rain was still coming down as our ride began, just as everyone was heading out I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses, not needed to protect me from the absent Sun but from the inevitable spray from the front tire. I had heard the ride brief so knew the general loop but I was on unsure of the beginning, I had a fifty/fifty chance to make the correct turn at the beginning, seemed those odds weren't good enough so I started out the wrong way. I suppose I should note I could of looked at the map but I still have a sense of adventure :-) It wasn't long before I was back on track and caught up with the rest of the team. I was also drenched to the bone with a nice mud wash on my legs and spray up my back. Despite the conditions it was nice little loop through Portola and I still managed to get a nice speed with safety in mind.

Just as I wasn't sure about the beginning of the ride I wasn't sure about the end either, though I had directions they were some what like a damp rag and unreadable by now. Of course I know the area, so I made my own way back, though a wrong turn did add some extra distance at the end.

After the ride we had a short break for lunch then it was on to sets of Spinning, Running, Strength and Core. The running was out of the question after the morning's hobble and the the spinning while generally ok, though gave me the occasional wince as a sharp pain shot through my leg. This however meant I had plenty of time to devote to the strength and core training, plus some stretching for good measure. By the time we finished (around 3pm) the Sun was finally out and it was looking like a nice day :-)

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
59 minutes
18.41 miles
1,117 feet of climbing

18.7 mph Average speed
37.7 mph Max Speed
(can't believe did that in the rain)

148 bpm Average Heart Rate
182 bpm Max Heart Rate

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